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Struggling with your swing? Looking to refine your game?

Discover the power of personalized coaching with Jess Frank's Virtual Golf Lessons, designed specifically for amateur golfers seeking significant improvement in a supportive and engaging environment.

Who It's For: This program is ideal for:

Beginner Golfers who want to start off on the right foot without feeling overwhelmed.
Mid-Handicap Golfers aiming to break 90 consistently and improve their shot accuracy and strategy.
Advanced Mastery for Low Handicaps: Elevate your game into the 70s with strategic insights, precision coaching, and mental toughness training to excel in tournaments and competitive events

In this virtual training you'll learn:

Tailored Instruction: Lessons are tailored to improve specific areas of your game, from swing techniques to strategic gameplay.
Learn from the Best: Over 25 years transforming golf skills with clear, enjoyable teaching methods.
Flexible Learning: Access Jess's online golf coaching anytime, anywhere for a tailored, stress-free experience.
Measurable Results: Real, measurable improvements in game consistency and confidence with each lesson.

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Elevate Your Golf Game in Three Simple Steps

#1 Record & Submit

Capture Your Swing: Use your smartphone or camera to record your golf swing from a down-the-line perspective. Whether you're at home or on the driving range, start by capturing swings with your driver and an iron.

Send It In: Upload your video directly through our secure platform. This first step initiates your personalized coaching journey.

#2 Get Custom Feedback

Personalized Video Analysis: Jess Frank will review your submitted video and create a custom feedback video just for you. This will include specific observations, what you’re doing well, and what you can improve.

Practice With Purpose: Along with the analysis, you’ll receive targeted drills and practical tips tailored to your current skills and goals.

#3 Implement & Improve

Practice the Provided Drills: Use the detailed guidance and exercises Jess provides to work on your game. Focus on the areas highlighted in your feedback to make the necessary adjustments.

Submit Progress Videos: After practicing, submit follow-up videos to demonstrate your progress. Receive additional feedback and refine your skills further with each review.

See Results & Keep Improving: With each cycle, you’ll see noticeable improvements in your game. Continue with additional series as needed to keep enhancing your skills, or consider signing up for ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement.

How It Works

Enhance your golf skills from the comfort of your own home or local driving range with Jess Frank’s Swing Mastery Virtual Lessons. This program is designed specifically for golfers at all levels who are looking to improve their game through expert, personalized virtual coaching.

#1 Remote Video Submission

Start Your Journey: Begin by recording and submitting your golf swing videos directly from your local range or home setup, using just a smartphone or camera. This flexible start means you can improve your game from anywhere at any time.

#2 Customized Video Reviews

Personalized Feedback Loop: Engage in a three-part video review process designed to transform your game:

Session 1: Initial Analysis and Action Plan
o Upload videos of your driver and iron swings.
o Receive personalized feedback pinpointing improvements and practice drills.

Session 2: Progress Check and Further Guidance
o Show your progress through a new video after implementing initial feedback.
o Get further refinements to enhance your technique and overall game strategy.

Session 3: Final Assessment and Long-Term Advancement
o Demonstrate your advancements with a final video.
o Receive a comprehensive evaluation and a tailored long-term improvement plan.

#3 What You'll Receive

o Detailed Video Feedback: Breakdowns of your swing with specific, actionable advice.
o Custom Drills and Exercises: Practice drills that address your personal challenges.
o Strategic Improvement Tips: Advice on mental strategies, course management, and equipment, designed to elevate all aspects of your play.

How to Prepare

Prepare for Success

Video Setup: Ensure your recording setup captures full swings in a well-lit area.

Practice Space: Verify you have safe and sufficient space to execute swings.

Active Practice: Between reviews, dedicate time to practice drills and integrate feedback.
Engagement: Stay proactive in applying tips and ready to discuss your progress and hurdles.

Getting Started

Getting Started: Kickstart your journey to better golf with Jess Frank’s Swing Mastery Virtual Lessons. Sign up, grab your golf club, and prepare to record your swing as you embark on a transformative golfing experience guided by one of the most patient and insightful coaches in the sport. Get ready to achieve a consistent, powerful swing that will make you proud on the course!

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Introducing Jess Frank's Swing Mastery Virtual Lessons

Transform Your Golf Game with Personalized, Virtual Lessons from Jess Frank!

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Discover the power of tailored coaching that fits your schedule and your specific needs. With Jess Frank’s Swing Mastery Virtual Lessons, you’ll receive expert analysis, detailed feedback, and personalized drills that are designed to elevate your game to the next level.

Whether you're a beginner aiming to master the basics or a seasoned golfer looking to fine-tune your skills, this program offers the perfect solution for continuous improvement.

About Jess Frank

Jess Frank, PGA Golf Pro  & 
The "World's Most Patient
Golf Instructor"

Jess Frank is a PGA Teaching Professional for the past 20 years and owner of the Jess Frank Golf Academy in Deerfield Beach, FL, loves to help every level of player exceed their expectations on the golf course.

Jess has helped over 20,000 (and counting) golfers improve their games!

Whether you are a complete beginner who has never held a club or a player looking to break 80 for the first time, Jess has the patience and ability to help you reach your goals.

While observing and taking lessons from the top teachers in the world, Jess has formulated his unique methodology for teaching golf.

He understands that each player and body is different, and he doesn’t just teach one swing.

Jess’ passion for helping golfers shows in every lesson.

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