2024’s Best New Wedges For Amateur Golfers

"Unlock Precision and Power: Discover the ONE Wedge You Can't Golf Without"

On this training you'll learn:

Improve Your Short Game: Sharpen your skills around the greens with a wedge that responds to your every command.
Lower Your Scores: Reliable and consistent performance from the rough, sand, or fairway helps you finish every hole strong.
Gain Confidence: Knowing you have a tool that performs under pressure lets you focus more on strategy and less on execution.

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Hit Perfect Pitches From ANY LIE

Every single feature is designed to react perfectly to all ground conditions and fix the root cause of bad pitch shots.

What Makes the ONE Wedge Different?

#1 4-Way Auto-React Sole

This 4-way rounded sole reacts perfectly to any lie. We added sole depth that gives you forgiveness. Width that gives you “NO-DIG” security. 

And a front-to-back and heel-to-toe rounded shape that easily glides through any surface and won’t catch or grab.

#2 Pitch Control Weighting

This gives you “cavity-backed” forgiveness no matter where you hit it on the face. We found the “Golden Ratio” between WEIGHT and MASS, giving players maximum forgiveness when missing high, low, or anywhere on the face.

#3 ONE-Tempo Shaft

Counterbalanced weighting under the grip ensures the clubhead leverages gravity… And easily accelerates through impact – FOR YOU. So all you have to do to hit perfect pitch shots is make your ONE SWING and confidently HIT THE GROUND.

#4: Point ‘N’ Shoot Leading Edge

Unlike the leading edge on most pro wedges that are rounded and LOOK hard to hit… You’ll SEE how much easier it is to aim a straight leading edge at the target. 

And you can use the alignment marker on top to square up to your target and position the ball in the center of the face — every time.

#5: Control Spin Grooves

We extended the grooves across the ENTIRE face to maximize spin and control on toe or heel misses. 

And cut them DEEPER to create space so dirt, sand, and grass do not affect your face-to-ball contact. 

This gives you the most high-performance grooves possible — WITHOUT breaking the rules.

Here's What Others Say About ONE Wedge

 Samantha K.

"I've shaved strokes off my game since switching to the One Wedge. Its versatility is unmatched." 

Alex R.

"The One Wedge has given me the confidence to tackle any short game challenge. It's truly a game changer." 

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Jess Frank is a PGA Teaching Professional for the past 20 years and owner of the Jess Frank Golf Academy in Deerfield Beach, FL, loves to help every level of player exceed their expectations on the golf course.

Jess has helped over 20,000 (and counting) golfers improve their games!

Whether you are a complete beginner who has never held a club or a player looking to break 80 for the first time, Jess has the patience and ability to help you reach your goals.

While observing and taking lessons from the top teachers in the world, Jess has formulated his unique methodology for teaching golf.

He understands that each player and body is different, and he doesn’t just teach one swing.

Jess’ passion for helping golfers shows in every lesson.

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